Collection: Bikonit Electric Hunting Bikes

Bikonit ™ eBikes

Bikonit eBikes are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're out on the hunt, exploring new territory or just looking to ride your bike through some fresh snow - these all-terrain fat tire ebikes have got what it takes! When it comes to eBikes, Bikonit™ delivers a unique and eye-catching design that's most recognizable by its robust frame capable of tackling all terrain.


Bikonit MD1000

Bikonit's flagship model is the MD1000 it boasts a whopping 1000 Tektro HD-725 4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes if you are a serious outdoorsman this bike has to be on the top of your list!

Electric Hunting Bikes


Mid drive fat tire bike

Why are mid-drive fat tire bikes so popular? The answer is simple: they make the best offroad and hunting machines. A mid-drive system is more efficient at shifting gears, climbing hills, and Fat Tires are perfect for tackling any terrain.  They provide traction and can handle anything that comes their way.

Electric Hunting Bikes Electric Hunting Bikes


Warthog electric bike

With three models to choose from, the Bikonit Warthog electric bike collection has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for an MD1000, MD750, or HD750, all of our bikes are built with quality and durability in mind.


Bafang ultra ebike

The Bikonit Bafang ultra electric bike is perfect for off-road hunting. With its powerful motor and 48-volt battery, this e-bike can handle any terrain.