ONYX reintroduced a full line of electric bikes taking inspiration from popular mopeds from the 70s and 80s. There bikes offer the highest torque direct drive motors in their class while delivering a 2-stroke-like power-band feeling throughout the entire throttle range.

ONYX RCR 72 volts of instant torque at the twist of the throttle. Clean simple fun with stealthy speeds up to 60 mph, and a 45-75 mile range for exploring on and off the beaten path.

ONYX RCR Moped Style Electric Bike


ONYX CTY2 Step Thru Electric Bike

"There is always something magical in Vintage spirit, in the nostalgia of forgotten things. Introducing the future of mopeds with the electric drive just makes sense"

"The ONYX RCR e-bike sets itself apart from the competition"

"the ONYX RCR has proven to be wildly popular among the electric scooter market, and these updates are just the company’s way of making an already extraordinary product, even better."

Built in the US

Made in Los Angeles California from the ground up

Long Range E-bike

Lithium battery powers up to 120 miles miles of distance (in ideal conditions) without a recharge

Environment & Budget Friendly

Electricity costs $0.12/kWh in the US. That means recharging this bike to travel the average 13,500 miles/year costs only $24.

Extreme Motor Power

This bike has a 3000W Hi-Torque Hub Drive


ONYX electric bikes are some of the most innovative and cutting-edge bikes on the market. Since their conception in 2017, ONYX has been constantly developing and testing new prototypes to create the perfect e-bike. Their sold-out indiegogo campaign is a testament to the high demand for their products. ONYX hand-builds each bike at their facility in CA, ensuring that each bike meets their high standards. They are always making upgrades, like the RCR Dirt Kit and the CTY2, to make sure that their bikes are the best they can be. If you're looking for an electric bike that is unlike anything else on the market, ONYX is the brand for you.



e-wheelswarehouse.com is proud to be an authorized dealer for ONYX electric bikes. Both e-wheelswarehouse.com and ONYX are located in California, and we have a great relationship. We've been huge fans of ONYX bikes for years, and we're very proud to offer their bikes to our customers. ONYX bikes are unlike anything else on the market, and the community built around the brand is a testament to that. ONYX is very selective with its dealer program, and we're honored to be a part of the family. Thanks to ONYX, we're able to offer our customers some of the best electric bikes available. And we're committed to providing outstanding customer service and support for ONYX owners. We believe in the ONYX brand and we know you will too!


ONYX assures the legitimacy of our products to be of high quality and destined for their recommended purpose with no problems with manufacturing process or craftsmanship.

In case of any issue with our product, kindly inform us through our request form before returning to cut off charges for posting an item. For items bought through our website submit a warranty request below to inform our reps of your issue.

The warranty on each component on the bike is limited to 30 days from the date of delivery and is limited to the original buyer. Example: if a drive train part for some reason would malfunction, that whole part will be replaced. The warranty does not cover against damages caused by normal wear and tear. The warranty does not apply in the event of abuse, neglect, carelessness, using the product in any way other than intended, replacement with any part or accessory other than original ONYX parts and products, attempt of reparation or modification unless expressly permitted in writing by ONYX.

ONYX waives all responsibility for any third party for consequences that might result from the use or handling of any ONYX product by any legal or natural person. 

Please note all warranty products must be returned to our facility before we can send out any replacement parts. We will supply the label for your return. Thank you for being a part of the ONYX motorbike family, we ensure we will take care of all of our customers and community.



Every bike is individually built to order which requires us to allocate funds to facilitate the build. On the date of purchase, a non-refundable fee of $299.99 will be deducted from the total refundable amount.
IMPORTANT: Please keep your original packaging for the bike for at least 30 days. In the event that you wish to return your bike, then we will need you to repackage and return it with the original packaging.
30 days after a bike is delivered, it will no longer be eligible for a return.
In the event of a valid return, the order must be returned to us in perfect condition. Shipping charges on returned merchandise are subject to change. Please email customer service at info@onyxmotorbikes.com to request your return.

Is there financing Available?

Yes, we offer simplified monthly payments through Klarna. You can select Klarna as your payment option during the checkout process and get prequalified in 2 minutes.