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Dirwin Bike is the result of the founding team’s passion for making the best electric bikes that can handle any terrain. The founders have been e-bike, e-skate, and electric vehicle enthusiasts since 2017. With a true international team based in the US, the Dirwin team sought out to create the perfect off-road electric bikes for the American market. The Dirwin team knew that they had an edge with Chris’ manufacturing knowledge and network combined with Thomas’ access to the best overseas e-bike manufacturing facilities. For months, the Dirwin team analyzed the top e-bikes on the market and rigorously tested products only to find that there was still room for improvement. Dirwin Electric Bikes are now some of the most durable, powerful, and affordable electric bikes on the market today. Dirwin is committed to continuing to improve their products and offerings so that their customers can enjoy the very best electric biking experience possible.

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"An easy to manage and comfortable ride for on or off road"

-Electric Revolution

"I loved the way this bike felt on gravel roads, the tires dug into the gravel and the high-torque motor allowed me to maintain speed and traction."

-Electric Bike Report


We believe that ebike enthusiasts deserve better and that everyone, regardless of income level, should be able to enjoy one. Our mission is to deliver where others have failed! We adjusted the motor and controller to achieve the best-riding experience and motor reaction, making the grade climbing ability and ride stability of Dirwin e-bikes better than other brands at similar price points.

We care about the satisfaction and comfort of our customers and the well-being of our dealers. Visit one of our dealers and test ride a Dirwin e-bike yourself to feel the difference! The endless pursuit for the perfect e-bike riding experience at a price that customers feel comfortable with and customer service that you can be proud of - that’s what Dirwin is all about!

Dirwin Authorized Dealer

Dirwin, love adventure and what you can experience when you head out into the wild and discover new horizons - these are the principles that Dirwin was founded on. Dirwins Goal has alway been to share this passion for adventure by creating electric bikes that are save, reliable, and easy to use. Dirwin definitely have been producing nothing but premium products and we are happy to have them as a partner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on Dirwin e-Bikes?


Your purchase from Includes the Dirwin Hassle-Free 12-month Warranty. But you are recommended to extend the warranty for another 12 months by accomplishing your purchase info.

All Dirwin Bikes are covered under the Manufacturer's 12-month All-Inclusive Warranty against all manufacturing defects. (All free Accessories are not covered by warranty service)

Warranty period

The 12-month Warranty starts when the initial owner of the bike has received it.

The Warranty is automatically registered when purchasing from the online shop. Therefore the Warranty is linked to the Initial Purchaser. The 12-month warranty starts from the moment the initial owner receives the product.

If you are selling or buying a Second-hand Dirwin Bike

The new owner can enjoy the existing warranty only if to following conditions are met:

1.The 12-month Warranty period hasn't already expired

2.You have the initial owner’s name and the initial order number.

Please make sure that you give / receive this information when dealing with second-hand Dirwin bikes

How to start the Warranty Repair or Replacement Procedure?

To be applicable for the Hassle-free Warranty and In case of Warranty issue please contact Dirwin Bike Customer Support at without delay. Please Include to following details to speed up the Warranty process:

Proof of purchase

Photos or videos of the damaged product are required with any warranty request.

Warranty claims will be processed by Dirwin Bike typically in a few working days.

Note that Dirwin Bike will not replace any part without first seeing photos or videos of the damaged product. The customer needs to provide us with the evidence by email.

In case of Shipping Damage

Dirwin Bike’s Hassle-Free Warranty covers all necessary replacements of parts in case the bike was damaged during delivery, or if it arrives defective or damaged without involvement from the customer.

In case of shipping damage please contact Dirwin bike at without delay as Dirwin Bike will not accept any Shipping Damage Claims after 7 days from receiving the bike.

Main Categories of Hassle-Free Warranty Coverage and Limitations related to them:

1. Bike Frames

Dirwin provides 5 years of warranty for the bike frame.The Warranty covers a replacement frame only. Replacement must be done by an authorized Dirwin Bike engineer. The Labor fees are not included in the warranty.

Dirwin Bike reserves the right to use used frames under this warranty. Styles of Frames or colors not in stock or otherwise not available may be replaced with a compatible style and/or color at the discretion of Dirwin bike.

Frame issues that are excluded from this warranty include but are not limited to:

Non-reversible modification (drilling/welding)

Chain guard mount to the frame if applicable

Paint fade, scratches, impact marks Impact damage


2. Batteries

Dirwin Bike batteries are covered by a 12-month prorated warranty.

During 12-months of service – Defective batteries will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer. The warranty period for a repaired or replaced battery remains the same based on the original purchase date.

After the first 12-months of service new batteries will receive a prorated credit based on months of service. Batteries purchased at pro-rated cost will have a new 12-month warranty from the pro-rated purchase date.

Batteries must be assessed and found defective only by Dirwin Bike.

3. Parts & Components

Original Dirwin bike parts & components are covered by a 12-month limited warranty. With the limitations described below.

Warranty Limitations

This Limited Warranty does not cover

Ordinary wear and tear not caused by manufacturing or material defects. Wear and tear are assessed by Dirwin bike. Parts not typically covered include but are not limited to: Brake Pads, Rotors, Spokes, Tires, Tubes, Chains, Chain Rings, Cassettes, Cranks, Frame, Forks, Handlebar, Seat post, Saddle, Brakes, Lights, Pedals, Rims, Wheel hub, Freewheel, Cassette, Derailleur, Shifter, Motor, Throttle, Controller, Wiring harness, LCD, Kickstand, Reflectors, and other hardware.

Parts compromised due to corrosion due to the elements (moisture, heat, etc)

Damage or deterioration of appearance or aesthetics of the product

Scratches, dents, and cosmetic damage not caused by Dirwin Bike.

Labor charges for part replacement or changeover.

In Cases deemed proper by Dirwin, the customer bears the freight of replacement parts and components.

Defects or damage resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, abnormal use (including but not limited to stunt riding, racing, or other similar activities not consistent with the intended use of the product), improper storage, abnormal exposure to liquid, chemicals, moisture, abrasives, sand or dirt, neglect, or abnormal physical, electromechanical or other electrical stress.

Defects or damage resulting from external causes, such as natural disasters, fires, floods, storms, lightning, earthquakes, or harsh weather conditions

Defects damage or loss of property caused thefts, blown fuses, or any improper use of any electric outlets.

Products that have the serial number or the bar code removed, defaced, damaged, altered, or made illegible.

Defects or damage to the Products caused by the use of accessories, products, or ancillary/peripheral equipment not provided or approved by Dirwin Bike with the product in case.

Defects or damage caused by improper assembly, testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service, repair, or adjustment in a way that does not comply with Assembly Instructions and Owners Manual.

Products purchased or taken outside the United States.

Additional limitations concerning the Battery

this Limited Warranty does not cover defects or damage if:

Caused by the use of a battery charger not intended or appropriate for use with the Dirwin Battery.

Battery seals are broken or there is other evidence of tampering

the Battery has been used in equipment other than the Bike that it came with




Dirwin Bike Returns are FREE within 15 days from delivery only in the U.S

For returns from Canada, we charge $100 USD for the shipping and additional 25% restocking fee of the total price of the order.

Requirements for Return Procedure

You are applicable to free return if the Product is not defective or damaged. To start the return procedure please contact Dirwin at within 15 days. After 15 have passed from receiving the delivery Dirwin does not accept Returns.

To qualify for the Return the bike should have been driven less than 10 miles which must be proven by the LCD screen mileage counter.

The Bike must be in good-as-new condition. No scratches, wear, dirt, odor, or other signs of use. All items received by the customer must be in the original Dirwin packaging.

Written Approval Prior to the Return from Dirwin is required. Any unauthorized returns are not accepted. Returning a Bike without Dirwin’s prior consent means risking losing the bike. If you accidentally sent the Bike to us without consent you must bear the shipping fee to get it returned to you.

If these conditions are not met Dirwin bike will not accept returns but you will of course be able to enjoy our 24-month Hassle-free Warranty.

Note that the Free return only includes the Bike other products such as Accessories, Special orders, Gift items or Used items sold by Dirwin are not covered by the Free Return Policy.

Shipping procedure

For Accepted Returns, Dirwin will provide you the authorization and shipping labels. Please Ship the bike only after receiving these details from Dirwin. After Shipping a return please provide us with the Tracking-number of the delivery.

Upon Receiving your return Dirwin will organize a return or refund the purchase amount to you within 2 Business days. If you do not receive the return after 2 days from approval please check your bank and credit card accounts since it might take some time before the refund shows on your account. If after checking your account you don’t see the return please contact us at and we will be glad to help solve the issue.

Financing Options

Yes, we offer simplified monthly payments through Klarna. You can select Klarna as your payment option during the checkout process and get prequalified in 2 minutes.

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