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Collection: eProdigy

eProdigy’s mission is to design and create the very best in practical, user-friendly, stylish ebikes, while keeping costs low for first-time riders, avid cyclists and everyone in between. eProdigy electric bikes are perfect for anyone looking for a mode of sustainable transportation that doesn’t break the bank. We’ve been building reliable ebikes for our riders for seven years now and don’t plan on hitting the brakes any time soon. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we embrace our West Coast roots by incorporating sleek designs and innovative features into every ebike wecreate. eProdigy ebikes are made for riders, by riders, and we can’t wait to see where you take yours.

eProdigy’s Guarantee

Our eGuarantee proudly provides a one-year warranty on every eProdigy motor and battery, plus, you get lifelong customer care.