Introduction to Seattle's Electric Trike Transformation 

In the heart of bustling downtown Seattle, maintaining the cleanliness and welcoming ambiance of the streets and alleys is a monumental task. However, thanks to an innovative approach and the dedication of the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) and its team, the streets are staying cleaner than ever. At the forefront of this transformation are custom-built cleaning trikes that are making a significant impact on the city's sanitation efforts.

The Perfect Choice: MEIGI MG1703 ZEUS

The electric tricycles chosen for this transformation were no ordinary trikes. MEIGI, a global tricycle manufacturing company, has been supplying high-quality tricycles globally since 2008. For this project, the Meigi MG1703 ZEUS was the perfect choice. This robust offroad trike boasts high-quality components, including a Bafang Motor and Shimano Shifter, 750W Motor, and 45 miles of range making it the ideal vehicle for the job.


One might wonder why this particular model was selected. The answer lies in its excellent maneuverability perfect for city streets, offroad design, capable of supporting a maximum load of up to 330 lbs. This design makes it the perfect canvas for custom-fitted cargo boxes, allowing city Cleaning Ambassadors to respond swiftly to biohazard waste and litter/debris cleanups. Each cargo box can carry an array of cleaning supplies, including mops, buckets, brushes, trash cans, and power washers.


When it came time to invest in the tricycles, the MID sought a reliable partner., a San Diego-based company, stood out as the ideal choice. With years of experience in providing professional customer service to e-bike enthusiasts across the United States and Canada, E-Wheels Warehouse showcased over 40 premium brands of electric tricycles, bikes, and scooters.

The Seattle Program's Success

The addition of these electric tricycles has proven to be a game-changer for the city of Seattle. The program, funded by downtown property owners, has seen the fleet of trikes expand to 34 in total, adding an additional 16 trikes since their initial purchase of 18. This substantial investment of $15.5 million in programs and services in the fiscal year has allowed ambassadors to respond more quickly to sanitation incidents and provide more rigorous cleaning throughout the MID's 285-block footprint.

Statistics Speak Volumes

https://gem-3910432.net The impact of the program is evident in the statistics:

  • 60 miles of sidewalks and alleys washed
  • 1.4 million gallons of trash collected
  • 44,988 trike cleanups
  • 27,039 graffiti tags and stickers removed

An Interview with Steve Walls

To gain further insight into the program's success, we had the opportunity to interview Steve Walls, the DSA/MID director of cleaning services.

(Q) How did the program first start?

(A) “Following the pandemic and a competitive labor job market resulted in significant staffing challenges to our department and the entire organization. In many respects, it impacted our ability to provide core services. In response, we were committed to finding new and creative opportunities to improve the morale and the work of the Cleaning Ambassadors. This resulted in a bold and innovative idea of transitioning our foot-cleaning ambassadors to trikes.”

(Q) How much staff is required to manage the program?

(A) "I have a team of 15 within my leadership team which includes supervisors/ assistant supervisors and a bike mechanic who all play an active role in the management and repairs of the trikes."

(Q) What has been the biggest benefit of using the trikes?

(A) "The biggest benefit is the increase in efficiency within our provided services as well as the happiness that can be seen on our ambassador's faces knowing they no longer have to walk and push a bucket to do their work."

(Q) Why did you choose electric tricycles?

(A) "We chose the electric tricycles because they are environmentally friendly and are less physically demanding."

(Q) What tasks do the riders of the trikes perform?

(A) "Our trike ambassadors will use the trikes to respond to biohazard waste and litter/debris cleanups."

(Q) Why did you choose the MG1703 electric trike?

(A) "We chose the MG1703 electric trikes because they are durable and easy to maneuver around pedestrians and street furniture on the sidewalks."

(Q) Why did you decide to purchase from

(A) "When we decided to invest in the trikes, we wanted to go with a company that was preferably local and within the U.S. Although the company was located in California, the attention we received to any of our concerns/requests, as well as the availability of parts, made it an easy decision."

(Q) How has your experience been working with

(A) "Our experience has been great. The staff is incredibly welcoming and helpful. Someone is always available to assist us with any of our questions or concerns."

(Q) Would you recommend other cities start a similar program, and why?

(A) "Any city who are providing litter cleanup services should consider investing in the MG1703 electric trike. The trikes are user-friendly for staff, easy to maneuver around tight spaces on the sidewalk, environmentally friendly and effective for litter removal."


The journey of Seattle's sanitation transformation is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. With custom-built MEIGI MG1703 ZEUS electric tricycles from E-Wheels Warehouse, the city has found a sustainable and efficient solution to its sanitation challenges. As other cities face similar issues, Seattle's success serves as a model for improving urban cleanliness and enhancing the quality of life for all residents and visitors.

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