How To Get Your Electric Bike Assembled At Home For Free

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as people look for alternative modes of transportation that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Our electric bikes come mostly assembled, and many customers are able to complete the assembly process themselves with no problem. However, we understand that some people would prefer to have a professional handle the assembly process. 

Here at e-Wheels Warehouse, we want to make the experience of getting an electric bike as easy and enjoyable as possible. We have compiled some of the simplest ways to have your new electric bike professionally assembled. 

Option 1) Local Bike Shop + e-Wheels Warehouse

We now offer free professional bike assembly with every Electric Bike sold. You can contact us and we'll find a local shop to do the assembly for you, or you can simply include your local bike shop as the shipping address when you check out and we will cover the cost!

We want to make sure that you're getting the best possible experience with our bikes, and this is just one more way that we're making that happen.

Make sure to include a note in the “Order Special Instructions” on the “Your Cart” page when checking out, so that we can do all the coordination for you.

Electric Bike

There are some terms and conditions with this option.

You will need to live close enough to a local shop where your bike can be assembled. Your local bike shop will need to offer assembly services (90% of bike shops do). You will need to pay for your local bike shop assembly and email us the receipt and we will refund you the difference. Local assembly should not exceed $80. We will cover up to $80, and if your local bike shop charges more than that, you will be responsible for the rest. When you pick up your new electric bike, email us a copy of the receipt and we will refund you the difference.


Option 2) Velofix

Electric Bike

What is Velofix? Velofix is the largest fleet of mobile bike shops in North America. It started with one van in Vancouver in January 2013 and has quickly spread all over the US and currently has franchises in 25 States. Simply book a time online once your bike has been delivered and a Velofix van will arrive and professionally assemble your new bike.


-Convenient scheduling.

-No need to drive to your local bike store.


-More expensive than your local bike store.

-Limited availability in the US


Learn How e-Wheels Warehouse Keeps You Protected From Start to Finish is not in anyway affiliated with Velofix

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