Collection: Mid Drive

As the name suggests, a mid-drive motor is located in between your pedals and cranks at bottom bracket. It's designed to transfer power from where it's generated - meaning this type can make either hills or flats easier by adding some extra oomph when you need it! The advancements made recent years has resulted with smaller lighter quieter ebikes that will suit anyone who loves cycling without any fusses associated. A mid drive motors are commonly found in electric hunting bikes because of the quieter and more balanced ride.

Take a look at some of our customers favorite mid drive electric bikes:

Quietkat RidgeRunner E-Bike Off-Road Electric Hunting Bike $5599

Rambo The Savage 750 W Off-Road Electric Hunting Bike E-Bike

Bikonit Warthog MD 750 Electric Bike 1000W Electric Hunting Bike


Eunorau e-Bike 48V 1000W FAT-HS Dual Battery Design $2799

Benefits of a Mid Drive Electric Bike

-Better range Mid-drives tend to get a little better range because you'll get more efficiency by shifting gears

-Lower weight Mid drives tent to be much lighter because the smaller motor can be mounted in the frame

 -Better gear usage advantage that mid-motors have over hub motors is their gear ratio

-Easy Tire Replacement since you don’t have a heavy hub motor and cables to deal with